Value Proposition

Additional Information

Shine E Solar is an Alabama-based C corporation, providing vegetation and land management services to B2B and Municipalities. We incorporate a solar powered drip irrigation system that saves clients 70% more water than a standard sprinkler system. 

The sun is the planet's most powerful source of energy and also the most unused source of energy. Solar power is both clean and environmentally friendly. It is renewable meaning it is impossible to consume the energy at a faster rate than it takes to replenish it for future uses. There are no toxic byproducts or emissions. Shine E Solar’s current product is a drip irrigation system that harnesses the sun's energy for your water conservation needs.

Typically 30%-40% of a green space’s budget is devoted to water. Shine E Solar's system can save the individual green space 70%-90% of the total amount spent on the water used. The system generally meets all of the watering needs during peak sun times. During times of decreased sunlight, the system will store the water then deliver it as needed.